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                                  Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 

Our vision of teaching Canadian History from a Biblical Perspective, began in 2011 when my husband, Tim, and I began hosting homeschoolers from Southern Ontario in our home south of Ottawa. These students, their parents and their co-op leaders all wanted to learn about Canadian History from a Christian perspective.

I, Lynette, first started teaching this material, for the local homeschool co-op to which our family belonged when our son was still in high school. When I taught those first classes in my home, I encouraged many parents to sit in on those classes. At the end of the lessons they would often remark, ‘I never knew… ‘. This was in response any number of bits of information they heard taught.

This was the motivation and vision to open up the classes to kids from many other co-ops in Ontario, offering meals, accommodation, teaching, and two days of touring Ottawa. Canadian History came alive to teens and parents alike for the first time.

Through these lessons, they discovered many Christians who had left indelible marks on our nation’s history. These included Fathers of Confederation, premiers, mayors, architects, Governors General, merchants and educators, to name a few.

Our biggest discovery was the 15-plus Scriptures written in stone, brass and glass in the Peace Tower and Memorial Chamber in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill. Out of this discovery has come ‘The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings’. You may order your copies here

In January 2016, my husband and I moved to Pittsburgh PA to pursue his Masters of Divinity studies, graduating on May 18th 2018. Even in Pittsburgh, the excitement of learning Canadian History has pursued us.

 In March 2017,we made a trip out to Maryland. On the way we visited Fort Frederick. We were told that Fort Frederick played a key role in the French Indian War, and the part it played was responsible for the American colonies taking control of Fort Duquesne and eventually limiting New France (aka Quebec) to an area above the Great Lakes.

Shortly thereafter, we visited the Braddock Museum (about 5 minutes away from our home) where we learnt more of what happened to relegate New France (Quebec) to above the Great Lakes.

In July of 2017, I visited a theme park (Kennywood Park) in Pittsburgh, and was pleasantly surprised to find a plaque close to the statue of George Washington, the words on which suggested that if Fort Duquesne was not won in the French-Indian war, Americans would be speaking French today. That is, New France would still have extended from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River to New Orleans. Read more about this in our History Bites called: Follow The Rivers

There is so much more to learn and to understand. There is a Chinese Proverb which says, ‘There is no greater joy than to pass on to others what one has learnt for oneself’. One way I enjoy and retain what I am learning is to teach it to others.

We live in exciting times where God has providentially enabled humans to develop technology that connects us in many countries at the same time, even though separated by great distances. Most often, we use cellphones, tablets and laptops to communicate daily.

So in the last two years, we have harnessed technology to teach one online class from Pittsburgh to a group of homeschooled students visiting Ottawa. This also included booking their tours, putting their schedule together (to maximize their use of time on their visit), and arranging museum visits.

We are constantly making changes and upgrades to our website to make it more user-friendly as with our new Blogs and History Bites where you will find a treasure trove of information which you probably did not know before, or for which you needed a refresher course. We are just beginning to develop podcasts and YouTube videos.

We have also started a Facebook Group with a number of Facebook Lives posted. If you want to be a part of our live discussions, please join our Facebook Group …. and let’s talk

We hope that our content will meet the needs of:

  • Homeschoolers – who have no access to an explicitly Canadian Christian History curriculum,

  • Churches – who want to equip their congregants with the truth about our Christian heritage

  • Budding and seasoned Politicianswho need to know the truth so that they can better refute the claims of those who are ignorant of our history.

We are also in the process of launching a curriculum on The Christian Fathers of Confederation, with other modules to follow. If you are not already a subscriber, subscribe here to keep up to date.

Join us on a journey of discovery, as together we discover our Christian Heritage.

Please let us know your thoughts from what you have just read, or let us know how we could be of service to you, by filling out the form below







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