My Canadian History Journey. It’s not Over.

Join me in this Introductory Course.

About eleven years ago, when our son was a teenager, I taught my first Canadian history course to our homeschool co-op. As I read about Quebec’s quest for sovereignty, I remember thinking, ‘I have heard these arguments before.’

I, like other Canadians sympathize with their need for ‘special identity status’. You see, I come from a twin-island republic in the West Indies where residents of the smaller island have felt ‘short -changed’ (as we say in Trinidad) in many ways which included economic, ethnic and political disadvantages. Over the years this issue will crop up repeatedly, based on whatever social trigger politicians from that island responded to… just like it does in Quebec.

I remember thinking, ‘I sympathize with Quebecers, but for progress to happen, there must be a willingness to let go of past hurts, entrenched grudges and move on’. I needed to understand why they think and act like they do. So I read more Canadian history and even tho’ I may not fully understand it as yet, but I think I am getting there. The more I dig and delve, the more there is to discover.

I also found that as I explained the British Parliamentary system to the teens, I remembered my own experience with the British Parliamentary system in my country. I was quite at home explaining that system because we used to be a colony of Britain before gaining independence.

I would also invite moms to sit in on the classes. Most frequently, I will hear this sentiment from them: ‘I never knew that before today. I don’t remember hearing that in school’. The content which was new to them was hidden in plain sight to be discovered with a little effort.

One mom questioned why the British removed the Acadians from Nova Scotia and was scathing in her assessment of the actions of the British. That was an issue that I had to admit that I was unaware of, and promised to look into it.

I remember teaching about the Lower Canada-, and Upper Canada- Rebellions, but not understanding the deeper issues. The same goes for the Red River Rebellion.

Since that time, I have taught other homeschool groups wanting to visit Ottawa, but who had no idea how to organize their schedules to optimize learning and to visit as many museums as possible. And by the way, did you know that Ottawa is the most museum-dense city in Canada?

I taught about the Fathers of Confederation and we visited their statues around the Hill’, making history come alive for the kids. And then we discovered the 15 Scriptures etched in stone, brass and glass, in and on the Peace Tower of the Centre Block of Parliament Hill.  

And by the way, you can purchase our booklet: The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Building at:

I often think, ‘Wow! How many visitors from around the world take photos in front of and under the arches of the Peace Tower, not knowing that they have captured Psalm 72:1 on their cameras?’

Psalm 72:1  reads: Give the King thy judgments O God, and thy righteousness to the King’s Son. That Scripture foretold the Messianic reign of King Jesus, and thanks to the Peace Tower, unsuspecting tourists have taken it to the ends of the world.

I also had the pleasure of tutoring two young ladies in Canadian History – one in the public school and one homeschooled.

I would often correct the revisionism, drivel and misinformation in the public school textbooks for one of the young ladies. I would feel angry at the blatant revisionism and half-truths in the texts and was often doing ‘autocorrect’ for her.

On the other hand, the other homeschooled young lady, was using an expensive program which consisted of one dry-as-dust textbook. The information was more balanced but unpalatable and tough going for her. She was expected to  write research papers to be submitted to the curriculum seller for grading. She never wrote those papers.

So much has happened since then, but my thirst to get a better perspective and understanding of Canadian history was never slaked. I became excited about information which pointed to the Biblical Legacy of Canada’s universities, the Christians who settled many towns and villages all over Canada, and the Scottish influence in the Fur Trade.

I would LOVE to share some of this information with you – but  mainly with the next generation – our current homeschooling and Christian School cohort. Howeveranyone can take this course.

Homeschooling moms, if you are tired of teaching Canadian History written by Americans, I have a solution for you!

Teens, are you tired of learning history from dry, unenjoyable books and workbooks, and have to do tedious research?  You NEED this course!

Politicians, for the 2019 election campaign, do you want to inspire your listeners on the campaign trail with a glimpse of the glorious Christian legacy we have inherited? YOU NEED THIS COURSE!

So why should you trust this course? How is it different?

Here are 8 Reasons to sign up for this course:

  1. You will learn from someone who is passionate about the topic, in small enough chunks to help you connect all the dots that are missing in your knowledge of Canadian History.
  2. No more eclectic materials. No more dry, uninteresting curriculum. You will have a live recording of the lessons with maps and slides to help you enjoy the journey.
  3. Great dinner  conversations.  The whole family learns together. You, your family, your homeschool co-op, your church, will have access to this course for a full year so you can review it over and over again.
  4. You can talk to me in a private Facebook Group if you need any questions answered.
  5. There’s a special discount for groups, whether that is a homeschool co-op, a school, or a church.
  6. Politicians can use it to inspire their audiences on the campaign trail, and have full access to me if they need other supplementary information.
  7. You will get LOADS of deliverables – transcripts, outlines, maps, slides, checklists, quizzes, audio files, and more.
  8. The Price! So affordable that you will think I am practically  giving it away. No more expensive curriculum with dull, boring information.

So what will you be getting?

  • Stories about The Making of the British Colonies, from Acadia (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI) to Confederation.
  • Stories about the people involved in wars in Acadia, the resulting expulsion from Acadia, and a Biblical perspective on the ethical nature of that event.
  • Stories about the issues which propelled the colonies to seek Confederation.
  • Stories about 4 of the Christian Fathers of Confederation from the Atlantic Provinces, the Christian influences in their lives, and the impact of their lives on the Canada we know today.
  • Evaluation of the ethical nature of the issues raised in all of the stories, in light of Scripture.

Friends, You will get all of this in 12 lessons over a 6-week period.

DISCLAIMER – Some of the history lessons will be just that – HISTORY. However, you will answer some questions such as:

  • What did they do wrong?
  • How is it still affecting me today?
  • What is MY Biblical, God-honouring response to make a difference in this issue, and effect generational change?

In our next installment – Course #2, we will hear stories of The Making of Quebec and Ontario from New France to Confederation, and the next 6 Christian Fathers of Confederation

So what do you have to do to get this EPIC program? Watch your inboxes for more information.

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