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Connecting the Dots… Seeing God’s Tapestry in History

World history is predicated on family dynamics. From Genesis to Revelation, God uses families to do His will. Genesis starts with a human family and Revelation ends with a spiritual family.

In the course I am developing – Canada In The Making, there are 3 parts.

Part 1 connects the dots from the Reformation in France to the exploration and settling of Canada when it was first called ‘Kanada’, by Cartier between 1534-1541. Afterwards in the early 1600s, it was called ‘Acadia and New France’ by King Henry IV, Du Gua, Champlain and other explorers.

Part 2 connects the dots from the conquest of Britain, to becoming the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Upper Canada and Lower Canada. It also connects the dots of God’s tapestry in the lives He used to bring about The Dominion of Canada at Confederation.

Part 3 connects the dots from Confederation to Western expansion and beyond.

For now, I want to expose the overview of God’s Providence in Part 1, with the caveat that this is MY premise from a Reformed perspective. You see, I am Reformed in my theology.

What that means for me, is that I firmly believe in God’s Sovereignty over my life and all events in History. I cannot believe what I believe and not see God working through persecution and trials to build and purify His church His Family – in preparation for His return to earth (Revelation) to receive His Bride, the church. This is my grid through which I view the information I teach.

Too often, History is taught as dull and boring. We have been taught History as a bunch of disjointed facts, associated with dates about dead people. But have you noticed the latest social trend? If you look at TED Talks, and Goalcast, and Instastories, and business coaches and motivational speakers, they all want you to ‘tell your story’.

We live in an age where historically, we have moved from an oral tradition, to a written tradition, to a video tradition, and now, back to an oral tradition dressed up with the colour of video pictures, and audio.

STORIES. People LOVE stories. So I have looked behind the curtain of History to connect the dots in the lives of the Royal families in France, to the lives of the church families, to the lives of the explorers and settlers, and to the lives of the Native families, in The Making of Canada.

My desire is to show you the tapestry God is weaving by intersecting lives from all over the world in His beautiful plan, in the carpet He will unroll at the end of time.

Some of the threads are dark and unpleasant – like wars, and be-headings, and mutilations, and cannibalism. But some threads are golden, and colourful and rich – like the spread of the gospel, and discoveries, and transformation of lives through creativity and economic prosperity.

My hope is to Educate, Equip and Empower you to examine what role you and your family can play in developing Tomorrow’s Future from Yesterday’s Past.

In Part 1, you will discover the stories of two influential wealthy French Protestants (aka Huguenot noblemen) who funded Cartier’s first voyage and participated in his third voyage. You will hear about how God used the nobility to both help the Protestant (Huguenot) cause and hinder it.

You will hear stories of women who ruled as ‘Regents’ on behalf of the King (when he was too young to ascend the throne); how they used their power either to help the cause of the Reformation or to incite riots against the Protestants (Huguenots).

You will see by the events which unfolded, how the young King (called Dauphin), influenced by the regent and the influential religious establishment at the time (the Catholic Church), unleashed reigns of terror on the lives of those who held Reformed /Protestant beliefs.

You will see how such persecution caused a ‘brain drain’ of the best and brightest from France. God used the descendants of some of these Huguenots to become presidents of nations, educators and inventors and the driving economic force that made great nations like Britain, the USA and the Netherlands.

Hopefully, you will become curious enough to test what you have heard, and research the stories behind the stories. I hope you become excited, and thirsty to know more so that the information you get through me, will be the spark that gets the fire going in you, so you can ‘tell the next generation’, stories of how God preserves His people for His purposes.

Author’s Note; Lynette is the owner of ChristianRoots Canada. She has been developing this curriculum for over 10 years and is learning how to move from teaching History to small groups and 1-on-1, to teaching History digitally.

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