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This course, Canadian History With New Eyes, traces the untold history of Canada’s origins from France, through the use of STORIES.
It unfolds the reason WHY French Protestant (Huguenot) colonizers left France, fully equipped with the literal building blocks for establishing and maintaining Canada’s first permanent settlements in 1598 and 1600.

It reveals the French Protestants who STOOD BEHIND, and financially supported Samuel de Champlain to keep him in New France.

Samuel de Champlain has been hailed as the Father of New France, but not much is said about the ones who made it happen. We will reveal the giver(s) of the gift that was Samuel de Champlain.

This course will also begin exploring the Native/colonizer relations as they were at the beginning of the colonization of Canada, and will trace the changes in such relations from the 16th century to the present.

This all begins with understanding the political climate in France in the 15th to 17th Century (1515-1715), which resulted in this kind of exploration.

I am SO glad that you have joined us for an exciting journey!

Meet your instructor

Hi I’m Lynette. I taught for​ over a decade in the Caribbean before moving to Canada. 

I homeschooled my son and taught many courses in homeschool co-ops south of Ottawa. I also tutored other children. 

For many years in the mid 2000, I hosted homeschool groups from Southern Ontario. I would house, feed, and tour with them, all the while teaching Canadian history from a Christian perspective. 

It is exciting to have you join me on this journey to France and back.

Outline and Objectives

The outline for this course takes its cue from a marble frieze which is mounted over the left doorway of the entry to the House of Commons.

On the left of the frieze is the picture of King Francis I of France and on the right is the picture of Henry XIV.  

Persecution of the French Protestants in France began under King Francis I and came to its full measure under King Louis XIV.

During this period God raised up the French Protestant nation of Navarre to protect His people, and to prepare a King – Henry IV of France, who would legislate their freedom.

Under the reign of King Henry IV of France,  French Protestants gained the freedom to travel, freedom to engage in exploration, and freedom to trade.

They financially (and otherwise) supported Samuel de Champlain and his colony in New France. 

Most repositories of Canada’s history is vague about what happened in Acadia (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI)  and New France (Ontario and Quebec) BEFORE the Compagnie de Cents Associates traded in Acadia and New France.  

You will learn, ‘the rest of the story’. 

There are over 40 stories which cover:

  • The lives and times of the Monarchs 
  • The Persecution of the Protestants & French Wars of Religion
  • The Reformation in France (and its effects on Britain)
  • The various Edicts for and against the Protestants
  • The Protestant Explorers and their relationship with the Natives
  • The seeds of the French Wars of Religion on Canadian soil
  • How to Trace God’s hand in all this