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  From France to Canada to Dominion Day

Dominion Day had been a federal holiday that celebrated the enactment of The British North American Act which united four of Britain's colonies - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Upper and Lower Canada (which became Ontario and Quebec), into a single country within the British Empire, and named that country The Dominion of Canada.

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Look to The Hill: The East Window (Call to Arms)

Christian History On Parliament Hill Friends, The  Centre Block and Peace Tower of the Parliament Buildings were built between the years of 1916 and 1927. The original building was destroyed by fire during the First World War. The Scriptures in The Peace Tower spoke the language of the people at that time.  The Stained Glass… Continue reading Look to The Hill: The East Window (Call to Arms)

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Pastors & Criminal Code Section 176

Since 1867, the Criminal Code has been enshrined in our laws. Thanks to John A MacDonald who wrote MOST of the BNA ACT, because few of the Fathers of Confederation lacked the credentials and skills to propose Bills of the calibre needed for debate in the British House of Commons. The BNA Act brought us… Continue reading Pastors & Criminal Code Section 176

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Rupert’s Land: Part 1 From Fur Trade To Rebellion

Britain’s claim of Rupert’s Land by the Doctrine of Discovery, proved to be one of their most lucrative investment opportunities for the fur trade. That led to expansion of colonization into the heart of North America, giving rise to a level of agricultural production never seen before. Eventually, the purchase of Rupert’s Land by Canada… Continue reading Rupert’s Land: Part 1 From Fur Trade To Rebellion

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How Much Does The ‘Cancel Culture’ Know?

The proponents of the 'cancel culture' seek to remove statues and memorial stones from our view in an effort to expunge from our collective social memory those people they deem to be 'blots' to our history. The positive and valuable contributions to our country made by these men, are portrayed  as insignificant compared to their 'shortcomings' as judged by today's standards. 

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Happy Colonel John By Day

Colonel John By. Builder of The Rideau Canal Waterway. In our household, we have been doing 'Staycations' for many years. For those who do not know what that is, it is a vacation 'in your own backyard' as it were, not many hours away from your home.  In July of 2019, we had one of… Continue reading Happy Colonel John By Day

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Look To The Hill – Part 1

This is the first installment in a series that I will call, Look to The Hill. This is a ‘tongue in cheek’ reference to Parliament Hill, but at the same time it points to Psalm 121 - The hill from where our help comes - as Christians.  There is a song I like that quotes… Continue reading Look To The Hill – Part 1

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CHRISTIAN Legacy-25 Scriptures on Parliament Hill

The Centre Block of The Parliament Buildings Built By John A Pearson In many places, like legislatures and schools, the Bible is considered ‘hate literature’. Counseling someone to live up to the Biblical standards of gender identity as articulated in Scripture is now a criminal offense. The current political climate in Canada is VERY anti-Christian.… Continue reading CHRISTIAN Legacy-25 Scriptures on Parliament Hill

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The Purchase of Rupert’s Land Part 2 – Manitoba is Born

                                           The tiny square that is Manitoba at the time of the Manitoba Act In Part 1, we were told the following - With the American purchase of Alaska in 1867, Canada’s Prime Minister, Sir John A.… Continue reading The Purchase of Rupert’s Land Part 2 – Manitoba is Born

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Follow The Renos #2: Before They Began…

  Planning The Job Imagine that you own an exquisite, hundred-year-old home with timeless treasures and one-of-a-kind furnishings and artwork. You want to renovate it to bring it into the 22nd century.  You want to restore it ‘like new’.  When it was built, there were no modern heating and cooling systems, no electrical circuit breakers,… Continue reading Follow The Renos #2: Before They Began…

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Follow the Renos #1

Parliament Hill Centre Block (Before the Renos) Since January 2019, the Centre Block of Parliament Hill has been under massive renovations, of which the completion date is yet to be determined. Let's take a look at a chronology of the work being done and the updates as I find them online. Click on the links… Continue reading Follow the Renos #1

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How Canada is Connected to Daniel Chapter 2

It’s a bit of a reach to say that Canada is somehow contemplated in Daniel Chapter 2. It does not mention Canada or the United States or any of the modern political entities in the world today. But there is something in this chapter that certainly points in their direction. 

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Sharing in Christ’s Sufferings

Picture of Christ crucified on the blade of Justice in the South Stained Glass Window of The Peace Tower Physical Suffering In January of 2000 I suffered with a double hernia for 13 months. The hernias were perpendicular to a midline incision. Misdiagnosis, plus fear, resulted in an unwillingness by the doctors in Ottawa to… Continue reading Sharing in Christ’s Sufferings