Over the last 15 years, Lynette has been teaching Canadian History from a Christian perspective, first, to the Homeschool Co-op she belonged to in South Ottawa, and then to other Christian Homeschoolers from Southern Ontario.

Our curriculum is written with a decidedly Christian bias. It seeks to dig as far back into history as we could possibly go to trace God’s hand in the establishment of our country.

Our curriculum is not static. It will change as new information comes to light. This should be borne in mind as we learn together.

More and more research has been collected since then, and now, what we thought would be Our Introductory Course, Canada in The Making Part 1 about the creation of the Atlantic Provinces until Confederation, has turned out to be more exhaustive than before.

In order to trace God’s hand in the settling of Acadia and New France (Atlantic Provinces , Quebec and Ontario)  by the Huguenots, we needed to dig further back into the 1500’s to France and the Reformation.

That allowed us to examine the root of the Settlers relations with the Natives from the beginning, and to trace the changes in relationships between the Natives and the new settlers before the British came on the scene. This is the only way we can understand the Native issues objectively.

Much of the research at this time, comes from a variety of internet sources and a number of books. My prayer is that you will seek to corroborate this information by reading other books and original source documents available in the Libraries of our Universities, our local libraries, and the Government of Canada’s Archives.

We must research historical information that we receive in an effort to come to the knowledge of the truth, no matter how difficult that might seem at times. We must be lifelong students – always reading, always learning.

Our school is named: Canadian History… with New Eyes. 

Our Introductory Course, Canada in The Making Part 1 consists of 3 Modules.

Module 1 – Tells stories of the roles that royalty in France played during the time of the Reformation, and the birth of the group of Protestants called the Huguenots.

They were the first explorers to invest and settle in Acadia and New France.

Module 2 – Tells the stories of Henry of Navarre, his efforts to help the Huguenots, and the exploration to Acadia and New France which happened on his watch.

It also deals with the reversal of favour  and the persecution of the Huguenots by Henry’s son (Louis XIII), and his grandson (Louis XIV). 

Module 3 – tells the stories of the Explorers to Acadia and New France, the relationships they forged with the Natives at the time and the changes that happened in Acadia and New France after The Edict of Fontainebleu. 

Our mission is to Educate, Equip and Empower you to make an impact on the Kingdom in the sphere God has ordained for you. You can only do so by discovering tomorrow’s future from yesterday’s past.