Curriculum Overview

ChristianRoots Canada is in the process of developing the first Chronological History of Canada from the perspective of God’s Providence. This is more than just a historical timeline of important events.

This chronology will mimic chronological events laid out for us in the books of the Old Testament that deal with the history of God’s people. As such, we approach Canadian History as a series of stories of people’s lives and the events they triggered to create HISTORY.

We will help you to view Canadian History ‘With New Eyes’.

Most of the research has already been done for this curriculum which chronicles the Christian foundations of Canada from the time of the French monarchs to Confederation, from the nation-building years to the Charter, and from the Charter to present.

Other Courses ‘In The Works’ include:

  • Canadian History With New Eyes – The Native Connection
  • Canadian History With New Eyes – The British Connection
  • Canadian History With New Eyes – Confederation
  • Canadian History With New Eyes – Nation Building
  • Canadian History With New Eyes – Christian Influence After The Charter

Canadian History With New Eyes – The French Connection

This course is offered FREE with some conditions. Please see conditions below.

Module 1: Francis I and His Immediate Family

  • Lesson 1: Francis I – Genealogy and Formative years
  • Lesson 2: Louise of Savoy and Francis’ Educational Influences
  • Lesson 3: Marguerite of Navarre
  • Lesson 4: Jeanne d’Albret and Her Legacy Part 1
  • Lesson 5: Jeanne d’Albret’s Legacy Part 2
  • Lesson 6: Jeanne’s Son- Henry III of Navarre

Module 2: Francis I and The Protestants

  • Lesson 1: Jacques Lefevre d’ Etaples
  • Lesson 2: Louis de Berquin
  • Lesson 3: The King’s Ransom, Vandalism/ The Placard Affair
  • Lesson 4: John Calvin, Nicholas Cop & Massacre of The Waldenses

Module 3: Francis and Exploration

  • Lesson 1: Jacques Cartier Part 1
  • Lesson 2: Jacques Cartier Part 2
  • Lesson 3: Jean Francois de La Roque de Roberval

Module 4: Henry II, His Wife – Catherine de Medici, and Wars of Religion

  • Lesson 1: Henry II and the Women in His Life
  • Lesson 2: Henry II and Persecution of the Protestants
  • Lesson 3: Catherine De Medici and Her Sons Francis III & Charles IX
  • Lesson 4: Catherine, Henry III and Hercules
  • Lesson 5: Catherine De Medici and her Daughter- Marguerite of Valois Part 1
  • Lesson 6: Catherine De Medici and her Daughter- Marguerite of Valois Part 2

Module 5: Exploration Under Henry IV (Part 1)

  • Lesson 1: Henry of Navarre becomes Henry IV of France/ The Edict of Nantes
  • Lesson 2: Henry and the Duke de Sully
  • Lesson 3: Aymar de Chaste/ Pierre Chauvin de Tonnetuit/ Francois Grave de Pont

Module 6: Exploration Under Henry IV (Part 2)

  • Lesson 1: Pierre du Gua de Monts Part 1 (Acadia)
  • Lesson 2: Pierre du Gua de Monts Part 2 (New France)
  • Lesson 3: Samuel de Champlain (before 1610)
  • Lesson 4: Samuel de Champlain (after 1610)

Conditions of use: (Conditions subject to change without notice).

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– You REALLY want to trace God’s Providence in establishing Canada.
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FAQ’s About The Course

Q 1 – The video course is advertised as free. This sounds great. Will I be charged for it in the future? Is there a time limit on how long I have the free copy?

A Nope. You won’t be charged for it if you are actually using it. 

Q 2 – What ages is this for?

A – This course is written for the ENTIRE FAMILY. There is no age limit. 

Q 3 – What are the expectations for this course?

A – You are expected to:

  • show consistency in progressing through the course. Don’t sign up if you will not use the valuable information found herein.
  • be like the Bereans and do your own research. My prayer is that the information you receive will inspire you to dig deeper than I have gone and find the treasures buried in our Canadian History to the glory of God. 

Q 4- What time commitment is expected?

A- You can complete the entire course in just over 8 hours. However it is up to you to decide how much time you commit to this course, as long as it’s consistent. 

Q 5 – Are there assignments and quizzes?

A – No. This is an information-only course. 

Q 6 – Your introduction to the course mentions how our rights are being taken away from us, I was wondering if the course represents this point of view.

A – No. My prayer is that students of this course will be able to see for themselves the lessons God has taught from history about rights and freedoms. The course just lays out what I have found by doing sincere research.

Q 7 – In your Course Overview, you indicate that there are other courses being prepared. When will they be ready?

A – I have already done much of the research which deals with the settlement of the Atlantic Provinces while they were yet colonies of Britain, the process of Confederation, the laying down of our laws, how our fundamental freedoms were changed under the Charter, and how we have been steadily moving away from our moorings. The research is being organized into modules and lessons. As soon as they are ready, you will be informed. 

Q 8: Is this course accredited by the Ministry of Education?

A- No. This course is an INFORMATION ONLY COURSE, for the edification of you and your family. It seeks to demonstrate the difference between Education (informal learning) and schooling (formal learning within an institution).  There are no assignments, no exams, no projects, no grading. 

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