Module 1 (20+ students)


Module 1
8 hours of teaching
8 Fact Sheets
1 Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Building each
4 – half hour Facebook Live Q&A Sessions for your group only
Links to other reference resources that might be necessary for this module

Module 1 Lessons

Note: This is just a GUIDE. Adjustments to the content might be made based on student’s interest, research and new information.

Lesson 1

The Best Place to Start – Here and Now

This lesson highlights the fact that Canada, as The Dominion of Canada was born 150 years ago. It seeks to answer the questions:
  • Why was July 1st. chosen for the birth of our nation?
  • How, where and why did it happen?
  • Who were involved in this process?

Lessons 2 & 3

The Fathers of Confederation

These lessons seek to give an ‘in-depth’ focus on the lives of the men who were the architects of Confederation. They will answer the questions:
  • Who were they?
  • What were their origins?
  • Did their parents pass on a Christian heritage in their homes?
  • How did this affect their contribution?

Lessons 4 & 5

The Provinces Involved in Confederation

These lessons will explore the history of the provinces involved in Confederation.  They will seek to answer the following questions:
  • How were these Provinces settled, and by whom?
  • What was each Province’s history at the time of Confederation?
  • Who were their Prime Ministers at that time?
  • What does their provincial flag look like?
  • Is there any Christian history to their flag and motto?

Lessons 6 & 7

Religious, Political and Social Issues at the Time of Confederation

These Lessons will explore the issues which dominated the social fabric of the Provinces at the time of Confederation.They will seek to answer the following questions:
  • What was the primary issue on people’s minds in each Province at the time of Confederation?
  • Why was that an issue?
  • Who were the spokesmen for those issues?
  • What kind of Christian values did those spokesmen hold?
  • What was the popular opinion on how the issues should be solved?

Lesson 8

Review and Quiz