Remembrance Products

These memorial mugs have been designed from actual pictures taken of the Parliament Buildings. We MUST remember, and tell the next generation that these Scriptures are hidden away for the next 10 to 15 years during the closure of the Parliament Buildings for renovations.

We, at ChristianRoots Canada, were able to find a manufacturer in Toronto who will print these mugs on demand (mine). ChristianRoots Canada will now be shipping these products by Canada Post.

Our Special Introductory Offer is $10.99 each, PLUS GST & Shipping for the first 30 mugs. After that, all mugs will be $19.99 + Taxes and Shipping. 

As of Monday March 18th, we are still not quite set-up with Canada Post. Please be patient with us was we work out the kinks in the system.