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We dig as far back as France between 1515 and 1715 – 200 years of UNTOLD history – God’s Providential History. 

You won’t believe the amazing ways God used people to accomplish His plan to establish Canada.

You will be amazed at how similar these stories are to Old Testament stories.

Join us on an exciting journey into yesterday so your children and their children can learn from the past, influence the present, and have a better tomorrow. 

Lynette and Tim


Frieze showing Francis 1 (1515-1547) to Louis XIV (1638-1715)

Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum is

  • Chronological.

  • Story-based for ALL AGES.

  • Tied to the House of Commons.

  • Tied to the Senate.

  • Covers 200 years of history through the  marble frieze (shown above) which shows King Francis I of France on the left, and King Louis XIV on the right (1515-1715).

  • Uncovers the stories of the French Protestants (Huguenots) who established the first colonies in the Atlantic Provinces (Acadia), Quebec and Ontario (New France).

  • Exposes why this marble frieze represents stories of the persecution of the Huguenots which bookended the reigns of Francis I and Louis XIV. 

  • Tells about the ONLY king who did not persecute the Huguenots, but gave them Freedom of Worship, Freedom to Trade, and Freedom to establish Canada. Learn More.



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