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We never know the depth or width of the roots of an old tree, until we start digging.

For Canada, those Christian roots go as deep as the early years of exploration and discovery. They extend to the Reformation in Europe. They spread further by colonization through both Britain and France. They continued to spread with the establishment of The Fur Trade, and other economic activities, and eventually gave birth to the Dominion of Canada.

Join us on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. Read our blogs which give insights to the chronological development of our Dominion. 

As you begin to put the pieces together, you will be as filled with marvel and awe at God’s Sovereign rule over our nation as I (Lynette) have been, and continue to be. 

Living in Pittsburgh temporarily from 2016 to 2018, has made Canadian History come alive for me  (Lynette) as I drove by Fort Duquesne regularly.

If this French fort was not won by the Americans in the French-Indian war, Canada as we know it might still extend from the mouth of St. Lawrence to New Orleans as New France.

But the war was won and Canada (as New France) was relegated to the North of the Great Lakes.


Check out this link by Reddit, to see how intricately the histories of the US and Canada are linked. 

(Click on the arrow, then on the icon to enlarge the screen, to see a larger version of the map. Note the areas disputed by the United Kingdom. They would have been part of  Canada’s were it not for treaties. ) 

About The Authors

Lynette and Tim Bloedow are Canadians. Tim worked ‘on the Hill’ for more than a decade. Lynette taught Canadian History to Homeschoolers and arranged their Parliament Hill Tours from 2010 to 2015.

In 2018, Tim graduated from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary with his M Div., after three years of study. He is waiting for a call to be a pastor in our denomination.

Lynette is continuing her research and development of a curriculum which examines Canadian History from a Christian perspective. She does the research and writing, while Tim edits, advises and encourages.

Our mission is to Educate,  Equip and Empower Christian Canadians with the knowledge of our Christians roots, and its significance in the founding and development of the country.

We hope that this generation will tell the next generation about their forebears who laid a solid Christian foundation for the Canada they know and love today.

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