Canadian History From France

How Canada REALLY Began

The proponents of the ‘cancel culture’ seek to remove statues and memorial stones from our view in an effort to expunge from our collective social memory those people they deem to be ‘blots’ to our history. The positive and valuable contributions to our country made by these men, are portrayed  as insignificant compared to their ‘shortcomings’ as judged by today’s standards. 

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Parliament Hill Scriptures

Follow the Renos #1

Parliament Hill Centre Block (Before the Renos) Since January 2019, the Centre Block of Parliament Hill has been under massive renovations, of which the completion

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God's Providential History

How Canada is Connected to Daniel Chapter 2

It’s a bit of a reach to say that Canada is somehow contemplated in Daniel Chapter 2. It does not mention Canada or the United States or any of the modern political entities in the world today. But there is something in this chapter that certainly points in their direction. 

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Special Canadian Holidays

From France to Canada to Dominion Day

Dominion Day had been a federal holiday that celebrated the enactment of The British North American Act which united four of Britain’s colonies – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Upper and Lower Canada (which became Ontario and Quebec), into a single country within the British Empire, and named that country The Dominion of Canada.

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