The Team

Here’s Our Team

At ChristianRoots Canada, we are constantly working to give you a great experience when you visit with us on our website. You have asked WHO we are … so here’s the updated Team 2018.

And while you are checking out our team members, nose around a little at all the great content we are making available to educate, equip and empower you to make an impact. Remember, he who does not learn from history is doomed to make the same mistakes of the past. Be the generation that turns things around for Canada.

Lynette Bloedow

Owner and Proprietor

She loves, research, writing and teaching. She is enjoying her foray into audio and visual teaching.

    Tim Bloedow


    Tim Bloedow worked in Canada’s federal political scene for 20 years. He authored three books applying Scripture to politics. He is pursuing the pastoral ministry.

      Phil Pagliari

      Part-TimeGraphic Designer

      Phil Pagliari is a Baptist Minister and a Pastoral Inter ar River City Church in Swissvale, PA. He is the owner of Green Brain Design Factory.