Our Legacy-25 Scriptures on Parliament Hill

In many places, like legislatures and schools, the Bible is considered ‘hate literature’. Counseling someone to live up to the Biblical standards of gender identity as articulated in Scripture is now a criminal offense.

The current political climate in Canada is VERY anti-Christian. It seems as if Christianity and its beliefs and values have become taboo. It is almost as if Christians have become the new ‘minority’ that has to fight for its right to survive. As if proof of this was needed in the current context, read this article here.

And in the political world, holding on to Christian beliefs disqualifies some from holding public office. Many years ago, before he was Prime Minister and while he was yet the Leader of the Opposition for the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau had made it clear that Christians have no place in his party.

As Prime Minister, his government passed a law which prohibited funding for Christian organizations to hire young people in the Summer, unless these organizations went against their consciences and claimed to believe in abortion.

This, even though freedom of religion and conscience are guaranteed rights under the Charter of Rights, and he is aware that Christians believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. Other laws which promote the anti-Biblical values of euthanasia and suicide, have made their way into the public sphere. As another proof, read this article here.

Recently, one contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada was disenfranchised from running for that office because he dared to believe in, and express the Biblical truths of created gender – maleness and femaleness.

But this anti-Christian sentiment in Canada, and especially in the media, has been popular since the late 1990s, when Stockwell Day, Member of Parliament with The Reform Party, was ridiculed by the news media for holding to the literal 6-Day Creation as espoused by the Bible. This sentiment that mocks and trivializes deeply held Christian beliefs, seems to have gotten worse in the past 8 years.

But what if… what if YOU became aware of something, or somewhere, that points to TRUE Canadian values that are rooted and grounded in Christianity, and emblazoned from a hilltop?

Would that inspire you to make your Christian voice heard for ‘righteousness and truth’? Would that give you HOPE that something could be done to turn this tide back? Would that inspire your children?

And when you are inspired, would you tell your family, your neighbours, your friends, your church family, about this inspirational find? Could they use some encouragement, inspiration and HOPE?

Well, I have news that will encourage, inspire, and give you HOPE!

In 2011, we published a little booklet called, ‘The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings’. If you have never owned a copy, you can go here to order your copies.

At the time that we wrote that booklet, we had found 15 Scriptures in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.

Recently, fresh pictures were taken just before Centre Block was closed for 10 to 15 years for renovations. These pictures reveal MANY MORE Scriptures and more vivid Christian imagery than we first saw. The obvious Biblical references and Christian imagery took me by surprise when compared with the descriptions on the Government’s website.

We have published a NEW book which documents the Scriptures which are engraved in the Stained Glass Windows and other areas of the Memorial Chamber in the Peace Tower.

I asked a couple of friends to critique the draft of the book ‘The Legacy of 25 Scriptures On Parliament Hill’. This is what they said when they reviewed the document:

– WOW!  I have shivers running up my spine and tears in my eyes as I read that!  It is powerful! I think children from any Christian family… would understand what is being said. We expect the children to understand what the Bible says, and this is merely reinforcing the same themes. – Joyce

– I do believe this book should be available to all Christian families. I would love to see our local Christian bookstore carry it, once you have it finished. The Canadian Christian community NEEDS this book. The photos and information shine a light on the impact of Christian leaders in our nation’s past. The Scriptures carved in the walls of Parliament, and those included in it’s windows and memorials, should serve as inspiration to current and future Canadian leaders. As a Christian, I can have a role in shaping our future. – Christine

I felt as if I was uncovering a hidden treasure! Such a wondrous discovery of our Christion heritage brought to light for all eyes to see, and by God’s grace, to believe! – Janette

So WHAT’s in the book?

I compared the description of the Stained Glass Windows from the Government of Canada’s website for each window.

Then, I posted pictures with actual descriptions of the images and Scriptures found in the Stained Glass Windows, but which ARE NOT mentioned on the Government’s website. Some of the Scriptures can be plainly seen with the naked eye.

Friends, the South Windows of the Peace Tower, are filled with images which reflect TRUE Canadian values such as Justice, Righteousness, Freedom, Sacrifice, and Faithfulness.

Did you know that the South Window (the one facing Wellington Street) trumpets the gospel message of Christ’s crucifixion? There is a figure representing JUSTICE who stands with his sword pointing downward.

Hanging from his sword’s handle are the scales of justice. Engraved on his sword is the figure of the crucified Christ on the cross. Beneath JUSTICE’s feet is the Scripture which says, ‘He shall execute judgement and justice in the earth’ (Jeremiah 22:15 and Psalm 9:8).

In the South Window you will also find the powerful phrase which warns against being apathetic towards safeguarding our freedoms. It says, ‘Freedom is the sure possession of these alone who have courage to defend it’.

While not a Scripture verse, it depicts the kind of freedom that comes through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. There are images of the cross and broken chains in the same location. They represent sacrifice and freedom.

Two other images bear witness to our values:

In one image where St. George slays the dragon – the Government’s website says that the image represents, ‘the power of right over tyranny’.

In the other image of the Archangel Michael – the Government’s website says that it represents, ‘a call to battle in the cause of righteousness’.

Politicians, lawyers, educators, Christian counselors, pastors, and other leaders can point to the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill to trumpet this message of the true Canadian values that are firmly rooted and grounded in the Bible, which offers HOPE.

The message of HOPE is also spelled out in the West Windows. There you will find the results of Biblical values such as faithfulness, freedom, and sacrifice, displayed by figures representing Prosperity, Progress, and Plenty, and by Scripture verses such as:

Wise in heart and mighty in strength (Job 9:4)
The fields are white unto harvest (John 4:35)
He maketh wars to cease (Psalm 46:9)

The Scriptures and the images portrayed clearly represent a Christian God. They acknowledge the all-seeing, all knowing God. Engraved on the walls of the Memorial Chamber is the acknowledgement in Psalm 139:8-10 that no one can hide from God no matter where he tries to hide.

This book, ‘The Legacy of 25 Scriptures On Parliament Hill’, points to the warnings and encouragements that protect our true Canadian values. These values elevate the power of right over tyranny, warn about becoming apathetic in defending our freedom, and promote the cause of justice and righteousness – all of these are Christian ideals and values.

All this information comes together with over 50 photos, with 25 Scriptures, and over 64 full colour pages in a new, soon-to-be-released book called, ‘The Legacy of 25 Scriptures On Parliament Hill’.  

This is the something, that points to TRUE Canadian Christian values that are rooted and grounded in Christianity, and emblazoned from a hilltop – Parliament Hill.

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