The birth of Canada like you’ve never heard

The Untold Story:


For most people, Canada began somehow with Samuel Champlain and his interaction with the Natives in Ontario and Quebec.

For others, Canada began with Confederation. 

Both starting points contributed to the early beginnings of Canada. Our spiritual heritage, though, came out of the persecution of the French Protestants (Huguenots) between 1515 and 1715 (a period of 200 years). This is largely the UNTOLD history – God’s Providential History – of Canada, told to you by video stories. 


Out of Persecution: 

Persecution began with Francis I and culminated  under Louis XIV. The marble frieze  mounted over the left doorway of the House of Commons clearly points to this fact. It shows Francis I on the left and Louis XIV on the right. The Senate foyer bears witness to this with portraits of all the kings of France, from Francis I to Louis XIV, hanging on its walls. The image of this frieze has been chosen to represent this course.



Learn from the past. Influence the present.  Impact the future.

Meet your instructor!

Hi. I’m Lynette.

I am a ‘transplanted Canadian’ and call myself ‘The Curious Canadian History Buff’. I have been researching Canadian History, beginning in France by investigating how God’s providence played into our history. 

I teach families, individuals, schools and church groups, everything I have discovered in my research. I teach both live and with video stories. My research includes discovering 25 Scripture verses engraved in the Peace Tower, of which many Christians are unaware. 

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