M5 L3: Aymar de Chaste, Pierre Chauvin de Tonnetuit, and Francois Grave du Pont

In this Lesson, we look at the early explorers who received the first Fur Trading monopolies from Henry IV.


They were:


Pierre Chauvin de Tonnetuit (a wealthy Huguenot nobleman) who was responsible for establishing the first and longest  standing building in Canada, in Tadoussac Quebec. He was the first ‘Lieutenant of New France’ appointed by Henry IV. He owned four ships called the Don de Deux, the Esperance, the Bon Espoir and the St. John..


Aymar de Chaste (a moderate Catholic who fought with Henry against The Catholic League) received the second Fur Trading monopoly as Viceroy of Canada and then Lieutenant Governor of New France. 


Francois Grave Du Pont (another Huguenot nobleman) would accompany both de Tonnetuit and de Chaste in 1600 and 1601. In 1604 he accompanied Huguenots Pierre du Gua de Monts and Samuel de Champlain to help establish the first colony in Acadia (Nova Scotia).

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