M5 L1: Henry IV of France and The Edict of Nantes


This lesson looks at Henry III of Navarre after he became Henry IV of France. Other Modules and Lessons give insights into the influences around Henry from early life to this point.  


Module 1 Lesson 6 gives a comprehensive character sketch of Henry’s early life in Navarre, fighting in the Wars of Religion led by his Mom, Jeanne D’Albret, and his legacy as King Henry IV.


Module 4 Lesson 4 gives information about Henry’s marriage, the St Bartholomew Day’s Massacre, Henry III coming to the throne and the formation of The Catholic League. 


Module 4 Lesson 5 tells about Henry’s time under house arrest in the palace of Catherine de Medici.


Module 4 Lesson 6 tells about the failure of Henry’s marriage to Marguerite of Valois. 


This lesson looks at Henry’s arrival on the throne of France as Henry IV, how the Catholic League accepted his rule and how he implemented the Edict of Nantes.


It was this Edict that resulted in the subsequent exploration to Acadia (NS, NB, & PEI) and New France (Ontario and Quebec).

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