The Legacy of 25 Scripture Verses on Parliament Hill

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A Companion Guide to The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings

This historical book is made available by ChristianRoots Canada (CRC) for the purpose of education.

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This Guide will be a valuable tool to remind Canadians, and especially Christian Canadians, about the rich legacy that Christianity has left engraved in one of our most famous buildings – The Peace Tower of the Parliament Buildings.
The Scriptures engraved there testify to the significant role Christianity has played in the earlier days of our nation. They were dark and dismal days, but the fact that 25 Scripture verses were chosen to define the Peace Tower and point to the ultimate source of peace – the Prince of Peace Himself, Jesus Christ – is worth remembering.
When Canadians increase their knowledge of Canadian history, they will understand why we have enjoyed the kind of freedoms we have for well over 200 years. The bedrock of these freedoms was laid down by our Christian forebears.


There are those who would like to erase from living memory, the truths of Scripture etched in stone on our historic federal Parliament
buildings. Thanks to my good friends, Lynette and Tim Bloedow, and their collaborators, these enduring truths will be proclaimed across
the land in pictorial fashion, until the One of whom they speak rightfully takes the reins of Government!
Maurice Vellacott. D.Min., Member of Parliament from 1997-2015

Christ urged his followers to ‘let your light shine.’ The architect of the Peace Tower’s choice to include Scripture in text and imagery
inside and outside of the tower has served as a beacon of light to our leaders and nation. Yet it can so easily be missed or ignored today.
This book shines light on these rich and beautiful texts and images, serving as a prophetic encouragement and warning to our nation
more than a hundred years later. Our organization has distributed the companion booklet “The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament
Buildings” and it has consistently been one of the most popular items on our resource tables. Our hope is that this book can likewise be
a means through which eyes are opened to the ongoing need for a solid spiritual foundation beneath our nation.
Mark Penninga. Executive Director, ARPA Canada.

Canadian History with New Eyes

ChristianRoots Canada exists to inspire students of Canadian History to discover the Christian foundations which birthed the Dominion of Canada. Join us on a journey of exploration, adventure, and hard work. Take a walk in the enduring footprints of great men and women who made The Dominion of Canada a great nation.

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