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Hey, do you love Canada? Of course you do!

How much do you know about its Christian foundations?

A little? A lot? Do you want to know more?

My Friend, you have come to the right place to get the right tools for learning more.

This DOMINION Day (aka Canada Day), visit our History Bites   section of our website, and expand your knowledge about Canada’s Christian Roots.

Early History

First, I don’t think that Canada was truly a Christian nation. It was a nation founded BY various stripes of Christians so that a Christian ethos and worldview pervaded the nation.

It was a nation where justice, righteousness and equality before the law (Leviticus 24:22), influenced the social fabric of the nation. 

I know… I know… Some claim otherwise.

But from my research at this time, it is my understanding that Canada was founded largely by people with a strong Biblical worldview, and others who were greatly influenced by that worldview through their upbringing in a Christian home.

For example, King Henry IV of France (who was responsible for colonizing Acadia and New France) was raised in a Protestant home and fought tooth and nail for French Protestants to enjoy the freedom to worship, the freedom to trade, and freedom to participate in civil affairs.

No more second-class-citizen status for them! 

Samuel de Champlain was raised in a Protestant home.

Many of the early colonizers of Tadoussac, Acadia, and New France were Protestants. 

Incremental Change

Their influence was responsible for a Christian cultural outlook which pervaded the collective thought and actions of our early forebears, well into the early 1980’s until… Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau ushered in the Charter of Rights. 

Here, the goal post keeps moving and Biblical ‘equality’ has been hijacked so that it no longer bears any resemblance to its original intent. (See Leviticus passage above)

Before the 1980’s, the Biblical virtues of truth, fidelity, diligence, perseverance, a strong work ethic, knowledge and respect for the guiding hand of God, all contributed to a ‘Christian’ ethos in the culture.

That culture gave rise to a legal system where, among other ideals practiced were, equality before the law and justice without coercion.

Liberty masquerading as licence was heartily condemned by the populace. 

With Trudeau’s focus on ‘rights’ and not ‘responsibilities’, preservation of our Biblical freedoms have been eroded.

Such freedoms were fought for, first in France by Protestants who gave their lives, refusing to bow their knees and their hearts to the altar of ‘good works’. Many of them left the persecution to settle in Canada.

And later, our freedoms were won by our soldiers who gave their lives in the past wars, through sacrificial service to restrain the evil forces of tyranny and anarchy, so that you may have peace.

Our laws were rooted and grounded in British Common Law, most of which were derived from the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

British Common Law defined the laws enshrined in the BNA Act, which laid the foundations of our legal system.

Be The Change

ChristianRoots Canada will help you to understand where we came from as a nation, to chart how our national culture got where it is today, and to figure out what we can do, to once more lift up God’s standard of justice, righteousness and truth.

We present our material from a Christian perspective because over the many years of teaching Canadian History to young people and their parents, we realized that a vacuum existed about the knowledge of our Christian past.

We continue to be excited as we read and research this information. We will equip you by giving you the tools you need to educate and inform your family, friends and neighbours about our Biblical Christian heritage.

Once you have those tools, we hope you will take the next step of impacting the culture – one home, one village, one Township, one Province or Territory at a time, until the Biblical Christian standard, God’s standard, becomes the culture of Canada once more.

Our mission is to Educate, Equip and Empower our readers to take action. We hope you will be inspired by the stories of Christian heroes that have gone before us and that you would boldly stand on their shoulders, returning to this site again and again as your source for Canadian Christian History.

We have embarked on a project to identify Christians of the past who laid the Biblical foundations of Canada. 

From France to Canada

Some of  these Christian explorers were not Canadians. Many of them came from Europe and were skilled as navigators, cartographers, missionaries and fur-traders, to name a few special skills.

Our research has shown that many explorations were done with the express purpose of expanding Christ’s kingdom. These explorers made invaluable contributions to establishing the Canada we know and love.

We will shine the spotlight of History directly on their lives in the hope that you will be inspired by their Christian virtues and perseverance, in the face of insurmountable hardships.


Many years ago, we printed a booklet, The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings, with full colour pictures, showing 15 Scriptures we discovered in Parliament Hill. Those Scriptures are written in stone, brass and glass.

If you have never read our booklet, you can download an e-version for $2 here: The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings, This is just the time to do so.

As you approach another Dominion Day, why not purchase a copy and send the link to your friends and family to share your knowledge with them?

Read our blog post here, to learn about the part of our history that hangs over the doorway to the House of Commons, in the form of a marble frieze. This aspect of our history is not comprehensively taught in any school textbook that I know of. 

I am at the stage of recording video lessons and simultaneously uploading them to my teaching website.

On Friday 28th June, I did a Facebook Live to share some more information about the curriculum, Canadian History With New Eyes that I am now preparing.

Subscribe to our email list in the pop-up box on this page to get updates on the launch of the course.

You can also join our Facebook Group to get snippets of the lessons I am teaching.    

                                      HAPPY DOMINION DAY TO YOU!!!


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