Leaving God Behind: The Charter of Rights and Canada’s Official Rejection of Christianity


Jon Dykstra (Reformed Perspective) said:
As Michael Wagner explains, for most of its existence Canada, too, thought of itself a Christian nation. In Leaving God Behind, Wagner uncovers Canada’s Christian foundations, and shows how the adoption of Trudeau’s Charter of Rights shook the country to its foundation with a secular revolution.
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All countries have a religious foundation. All law is based on a worldview or religious perspective. For Canada, the religious foundation was Christianity.

The Lord’s Day Act adopted in 1906, was among the most explicitly Christian components of Canadian legislation. Another was the requirement for teaching Christianity in Ontario’s public schools, which was strengthened in 1944.

The adoption of of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982  was a wholesale change in Canada’s constitutional and legal foundations. Christianity was cast aside and Secular Humanism became the ultimate basis of Canada’s Constitution.

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