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Parliament Hill Centre Block (Before the Renos)

Since January 2019, the Centre Block of Parliament Hill has been under massive renovations, of which the completion date is yet to be determined.

Let’s take a look at a chronology of the work being done and the updates as I find them online. Click on the links in the articles below to follow other interesting links.

I don’t know about you, but in following various links in articles (which I compare to rabbit holes), I often lose a link which I think might be important, because it becomes buried on some other page. I find that frustrating.

For that reason, even though a link might be on a particular page, I will attempt to share the specific links which show the chronology (or almost) of the work being done.

An article written by Public Services and Procurement Canada indicates that this project is probably ‘the largest, most complex heritage rehabilitation project ever seen in Canada and is one of the largest in the world’.

Every stage of the work is being faithfully documented and shared on their website. Some unique work is also captured by the Senate of Canada and shared on LinkedIn. However, articles and videos are not shared as a chronology of events, but as highlights of important aspects of the projects.

We will look at links which explain the following topics:

  • The need for the renovations
  • The preparations before starting (digital mapping, excavation, storage of heritage items, gutting the building)
  •  The project managers
  • The Heritage restoration experts
  • The Architect’s impression of what the finished project will look like, barring unexpected changes.

This list is not exhaustive, and might be revised later. But in this post we will examine the need for the renovations.

WHY the Renos? Why the Scope?

This first post in our series, highlights the damage and destruction that weathering had wrought because of roof leaks, plumbing and heating that no longer function, and crumbling basement pillars.

Our first  link  shows some of this decay. Be sure to click the arrow at the bottom of the picture to see all 12 pictures.

This next link explains the scope of the project, the relocation of the House of Commons and the Senate Chamber, and the programs which you can still have access to while the renovations continue.

And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the article you will see the new homes of The House of Commons and The Senate Chamber.

Products from ChristianRoots Canada which tell about our Christian heritage on Parliament Hill include:

Here is the description of the calendars:

These calendars are made of heavy cardstock, so if you would like to save the pictures for framing, you can do so. Each month you will find a picture which reminds you of some aspect of our Christian heritage left for you on Parliament Hill.

On the Front of the Calendar is the External East Window: There, carved into the concrete you will find Canada’s Motto, Psalm 72:8 – He shall have dominion also from sea to sea.

In January we display the entire East stained glass window which represents The Call to Arms. In this window, 2 Scripture verses are engraved (not shown here). They are enlarged and displayed in the months of July and August (July – Quit ye like men, be strong – 1 Corinthians 16:13; August – Thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle – Psalm 18:39).

In February – we display the photo which says: Prosper thou, build… He shall make thy way prosperous 1 Chronicles 22:11-13).

In March– We display the Altar of Remembrance that can be seen in the book – The Legacy of 25 Scriptures, on the page opposite the one that says ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’.

In April– We display The figure of Justice (for Easter). This figure in the South stained glass window shows the drawing of Christ crucified on the cross. The ultimate sacrifice of His life for ours.

In May – We display the External West Window. There in the concrete is engraved in the Scripture verse, Where there is no Vision the people perish – Proverbs 29:18.

In June – We display the entire West stained glass window which represents The Dawn of Peace.

In July – As already noted, is the Scripture verse: Quit ye like men, be strong.

In August – As already noted, you find the Scripture verse – Thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle.

In September – We thought it would be an accurate portrayal of the end of summer to show you a close-up of the Scripture found in the West window – The fields are white to harvest – John 4:35.

In October – We display from the East stained glass window, the Scripture verse which says: Thanks be to God Who giveth us the victory – 1 Corinthians 15:57.

In November– We display the external South Window. There, engraved in the concrete is the Scripture verse: Give the King thy judgements O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son – Psalm 72:1.

In December – We display the entire South stained glass window which shows the Angel Gabriel, St. George slaying the dragon, and the figure of Justice with Christ on the cross.

Share this information with your friends. They might want to get their own calendars once they have read the subsequent posts with links to the renovations.

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